Apeks takes the plunge with new solar installation

Apeks takes the plunge with new solar installation

Apeks solar array

While the company is hoping for a record-breaking summer, the recent nice weather has ensured that the solar panels are already contributing to the energy demands of the business. With the potential to create 75,000kWh of electricity annually, enough to supply around 23 domestic homes for a year, the new installation also allows surplus electricity to be sold back into the grid.

Landon Helsby, Managing Director at Apeks, said: “We are determined to match our Aqua Lung Group dedication to designing industry-leading dive equipment with cutting-edge sustainability credentials. We have been accredited to the Environmental Management System ISO14001 for a number of years now and this is the next stage of its evolution. We belong to an industry that relies on the survival of the natural world and feel it is our duty to do everything we can to support this. Let's hope for a good summer!”

In addition to the benefits of generating its own electricity, the business will also be able to reduce its carbon footprint by around 50 tonnes a year. That is a reduction equivalent to the amount of carbon dioxide generated by driving over 7,500 miles a year in an average family car.

Andy Atkins, Apek’s environmental specialist, said: “We want to ensure that our business is ahead of our competitors, both in terms of our products and our passion for maintaining the environment that is so vital to everybody’s future. By investing in the solar array, we will be generating our own electricity and will be less reliant on other, less renewable, energy sources.